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Sunflower oil "Krasnodar select" has a very delicate aroma. Our oil is cleaned from harmful impurities and residues of free fatty acids. It is also cleaned from natural waxes, which are covered with sunflower seeds.

Full production cycal
Our production consists of several stages
First, it is the acceptance of sunflower seeds. Acceptance is made by own laboratory. Thanks to the laboratory, our plant gets only high-quality raw materials.
Secondly, all sunflower seeds are cleaned. Cleaning sunflower seeds is to release them from weeds. Then, necessarily, the seeds are weighed. After that, the seeds are dried. Drying is necessary to reduce the moisture content of the seeds and prepare for the next stage.
The third stage of production is the destruction of seeds-the seeds are crushed by crushing. The resulting mass is subjected to hydrothermal treatment, and then fried.
Cake in stock
Fourth, the mass is subjected to extraction, squeeze. As a result of pressing, oil and cake are formed from the fried pulp.
Until 2018, Our plant produced only non-refined press oil.
The first stage of refining is getting rid of mechanical impurities-settling and filtration.
The second stage of refining is gidratatsiya. That is, treatment with a small amount of hot water. As a result, substances that can lead to rapid deterioration of the oil are removed. During the neutralization phase, heavy brooms and pesticides are removed.
In the third stage of refining, free fatty acids are excreted. With a large content of such acids, the oil does not have a pleasant taste.
Production company "the South pole"
The production of sunflower oil includes deodorization. Deodorization-removal of aromatic substances from the oil. During deodorization, the oil is exposed to hot dry steam, under vacuum conditions. This process also increases the shelf life of sunflower oil.
The next stage is freezing. At this time, the waxes are removed from the oil. All sunflower seeds are covered with wax. For seeds, this is a kind of protection. And oil, waxes give turbidity. In the process of freezing the oil is obtained without color.
At the enterprise the automated line of filling of sunflower oil is established. The line allows you to automatically control the process of filling the bottle. It is characterized by high productivity and low percentage of defective products.
At the beginning of the billet of polyethylene terephthalate is loaded into the machine, which blows them out of the bottle for sunflower oil.
Oil is Packed in PET bottles 0.9 l, 1 l, 5 l. oil Bottles are Packed in corrugated cardboard boxes. Thus, one box can fit 15 bottles of 1 liter or 3 bottles of 5 liters.
OEM service
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Our sunflower oil refined deodorized frozen the highest grade corresponds to GOST 1129-2013. Manufactured in accordance with TR CU 024/2011.

100 grams of product contain:

fats-99.9 g
Shelf life is 18 months.
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Finished boxes are placed on Euro pallets and fixed stretch film, in this form are transferred to customers
Production volume
We ready supply to 1000 tons per month
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