Andrey(Andy) Honcharenko
Andy Trootootoo is a visionary artist from Ukraine who has been fascinated by projecting his inner world onto material media for 20 years, and has recently added the NFT format to this classical method of information transmission. During this time this master has created more than 50 unique works reflecting the current process. In his youth Andy was engaged in music and geology, but it was in the visual arts that he found the most harmonious application of his innermost stream. Nonetheless, the creator's early hobbies found their ways to influence creativity: Andy the geologist comes in when it comes to determining the structure and layering of creations, and Andy the musician remembers that improvisation is the most important component of visionary creativity.

For Trootootoo, art is an act of psychotherapy in the style of self-discovery, a kind of retreat in which he learns new facets of himself and helps the viewer to walk this path with him, but this does not negate the wide range of interpretations of a given image. The artist creates a certain base to work with, beyond that the likelihood of deviating from the original idea grows, not linearly, as it is not a route or a master plan, but a process of manifesting insights that the creator himself reveals in the moment, step by step, simultaneously within himself and with the brush on the canvas. For Andy, it is not a qualitative but direct copying of images seen by other artists in other worlds that is of interest - no, only a qualitative symbiosis with the experience and vision of this inner and outer reality as a whole.

The multi-layered concept is reflected in the creator's pseudonym and has four basic meanings: True To Two is the truth that connects two: a living relationship between two people, an inner dialog with oneself, an interaction with the viewer, and finally, information transmitted through peer-to-peer.

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