Andrey(Andy) Honcharenko
Andy was one of the first to create this trend in Ukraine. It all started back in the late 90s. Then he seriously studied geology, played psychedelic rock, he was lucky to go through spiritual experiences, travels to the depths of consciousness, which led to the emergence of an irresistible desire to create what he saw and realized.

In drawing the artist uses fluorescent paint. The images created by him cannot be called simple. Gradient, multi-layered, variety of details and textures allows developing serious philosophical and spiritual ideas on the canvas.

In the course of creation, everything unfolds more widely than originally intended, and a new one is strung together. Each picture, like a thick book, tightly contains a lot of stories. Traveling through the worlds of Trootootoo, the viewer is immersed in his experiences, associatively finds his own meanings.

The artist writes about his vision of love, beauty, the interaction of people with each other and within themselves. Everything is sincere and very truthful ("trootootoo" = "true to two").

In addition to writing pictures, creating sets of spaces, installations for exhibitions, Andrey creates clothes with exclusive company drawings.

Fluorescent paint, gradient, multi-layered structure combined with variety of details allow artist to develop and explicate serious philosophical analysis and spiritual insights on the canvas.

In the journey through the worlds of Trootootoo you will immerse in a meaningful experience by reflections and interpretations coming from within.

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